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2009 Christmas Party at Club House


September 4, 2010 Saturday Crab & Corn Feed at Club House

First we need to thank all the people who made this party happen. Everybody who helped catch crab, prepare food and decorate the Club House. And a special thanks to people who came to celebrate this wonderful corn and crab season.







The Club House was decorated beautifully by Lucy Bain, Neva Buechner, Audrey Bowman and Mary Boulton. Linda Bowman took time to get raffle presents, from which donations went to The Santa Claus Fund (to buy LISECC kids their christmas presents).

We had salmon (grilled by Bill Boulton), corn (cleaned by Celine Belanger and cooked by Charles Ortego), crab (cooked by Neva Buechner and Tom Christiansen) and many salads, side dishes and desserts prepared by community club members. Ron Bain and little helper Miana were great at doing raffle tickets.

Thank you everybody for coming and making this party happen. It was a nice sunny day, weather was good to us and we were able to seat people outside. There was a lot of crab lovers who came to enjoy the food and fun.  

Annual Scenic Estates FireWise Wood Chipping

We have the opportunity to have a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) work team bring their wood chipper to Scenic Estates for two days May 18-19 2010. This requires participating property owners to prepare ahead of time by depositing piles of chip-able brush and medium-size branches at the roadside with the base ends of the branches towards the road.

No construction wood scraps, please. As the material is processed, the chippings are blown back onto your lot for mulching garden beds and covering pathways.

In order to make efficient use of the chipping team’s time, I will provide them with a map of Scenic Estates marked with the locations of prepared brush piles. If you would like to participate in this free chipping event, please phone or email me no later than May 10th with the address of your brush pile. I’ll do a drive-around to confirm “reserved” brush piles and mark the map the day before the DNR team arrives.

Leslie Dempsey, FireWise Coordinator,, 206.818.9500

Call to volunteer for the Disaster Preparedness Committee! 

2009 Christmas Party at Club House


We had real Santa Clause visit children.